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gabithatabitha's Journal

American writer Mark Twain wrote: "While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats."
30 rock, 70s eye makeup, alison krauss, all songs considered, all things considered, ann margaret, anthony bordain, anthropologie, antique roadshow, arts administration, asparagus, avenue q, beatles, bill monroe, bob dylan, brie, brocolli, buena vista social club, buttons, can, car talk, carter family, chalk pastels, chococat, chris isaak, chuck, claire lynch, cold soups, david bach, david sedaris, del mccoury, diy home repair, dr. horrible, drugs, earl grey tea, eva cassidy, fleetwood mac, french, garrison keillor, george harrison, gillian welch, ginger, girls next door, gouda, gruyere, harry potter, hat trick, hedwig & angry inch, hello kitty, heroes, home ownership, imogene heap, incredible string band, ira glass, iris dement, jango, jeni's ice cream, jenny lewis, jewel, john fogerty, john lennon, john prine, johnny cash, kim richey, kinks, lavender, led zeppelin, liverpool sound collage, long lashes, lou reed, love, lucinda williams, megan palmer, moulin rouge, my name is earl, nail care, nancy griffith, neil patrick harris, neil young, neko case, notary public, npr, oasis, painting, paul mccartney, paul simon, pbs, peanut butter, perry como, peter gabriel, phoebe, photograms, physical therapy, pink floyd, prairie home companion, public policy, radiohead, ralph stanley, rare meat, real estate, redwalls, rem, rent, rhonda vincent, ricky skaggs, rings, rock and roll, roy orbison, rufus wainwright, sbemail, sensible drug policy, sex, simon and garfunkel, spikedrivers, splendid table, starlee kine, steve carrell, stevie nicks, terry gross's fresh air, the office, the shins, the white stripes, theresa brewer, this american life, this old house, tom petty, tom waits, tommy, tracy chapman, u2, velvet underground, vintage hairstyles, watercolors, wicked, woody guthrie, you must read this