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Summer is almost (officially) here!

Here is something for all of you in Ohio that might want to get away - it's not a HUGE discount, but it helps you get a room for less than $100 in some REALLY pretty places:

That said, I had an excellent weekend at Kelleys Island with Chris and his family/friends. The mayflies were in full effect, and I alternated between terror at their sheer numbers and calm, cool collectedness as I picked them up by the wings and removed them from my immediate area and my things. I got to swim a little (and man, the cold water was nice) and go out on the boat. The breeze really makes the humidity and hot sun more tolerable - pleasant even!

I have several things I'd like to accomplish this week, including catching up on laundry, dishes and mowing at my place. I've kind of taken a small hiatus from census work, so it is time to get back into that work while it is still available. I also hope to put up a mirror in my living room and plant the tomato plants I bought at a fruit stand before they dry out. And, of course, iding my bicycle as much as possible in between/to accomplish those tasks.

The garden is probably finished, meaning I won't be planting anything else. This year I have one radicchio plant, two cabbages (vol), basil, sage, thyme, parsley, and chives, all volunteers/perennials from last year. In addition, I planted daikon radishes, green onions, bibb lettuce, jalapenos, ancho/chili peppers, red/yellow/green bell peppers, tomatoes, and I would like to get some cilantro. Some neighbors have cilantro, so it would probably be easier just to break it up and transplant some.

For decorations, I would really like a couple of hanging baskets, but I'm home so infrequently, that they would really need to be hardy. My daylilies and tigerlilies should be blooming any day now, and I look forward to that. After they are finished, my backyard is pretty much greenery with a few wild strawberries peppered throughout. I'm okay with that.

I look forward to spending time outside with friends and neighbors, so give me a call if you want to have a little cookout. I have a picnic table and a small firepit, and Chris has a gas grill to speed things up, and I have a charcoal one for larger gatherings.

I'm also up for kayaking, canoeing, biking, walks, swimming and possibly running with friends. The diet is going better than expected, but I'm feeling a little impatient and want to step things up a bit. From 184 to 169 pounds is nice, but I'm still a long way from 140ish.
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