Tabicat (gabithatabitha) wrote,

SUMMER IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm starting to become more excited about the sunshine and the good weather. My bicycle is great, my moped is running and I am losing some weight (meaning I feel better about wearing less clothing).

I read an article the other day about antidepressants - and whether they work. Some doctors stated that research says it is mostly a placebo effect - others say that they work. Both sides agree they have undesirable side effects. What I know is that I couldn't get my act together enough to remember to take them consistently, so I KNOW that it was a placebo effect with me. But I know how to control my moods - and mostly, just like I forgot to take the pills, I just forget to do it.

I need a radio alarm clock, I've decided, or music right next to my bed/bathroom, to play something positive in the morning. Every time I want to clean or cook or do something I am not excited about, music makes it fun - I just don't think to turn it on.

So my goal this week is to include music in my routine more often. Thoughts?
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